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I play World of WarCraft off and on. When I play, I play almost exclusively on the Terenas server. My character's name is Bamf (I hate Dane Cook). I've been playing since the first week of its release, but I take several months off at a time.

So, I've beaten World of WarCraft. "Not possible" you might be thinking, well, believe it. I'm a quest freak. I'm trying to do as many quests as possible. I think I'm aware of most of the quests in the game, and I think I've only got about 25 quest chains left, and all of them require at least 15 people or 15 hours, so I'm counting myself as "done". But if I'm missing any, I want to know about it, so I've got a promotion going. I'm offering 5g to anyone who can get me a quest. I've got a Google document documenting quests which are ineligible for the promotion and what quests I have left.

You can also look at my my character profile if you're interested.